Saturday, March 29, 2014

I love ice cream!

I just couldn't help taking a picture ( 3 actually) of this particular moment between a dog and his mistress. 
 I watched this scene from about 8 metres or so... the lady ate her icecream little by little and the dog stood still, watching her, he never whined or begged but sat there watching his mistress until she finished her treat. She finally handed the cup to the dog to lick away any traces of icream left, it was such a tender moment.

Shots taken in Turin - Italy.

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  1. Due to a lot of 'hustle and bustle' I haven't been on your blog for a long time. Sorry for that Sue! Finally I found some time now and I've watched your posts and I read it with a lot of pleasure.
    Thank you very much for being such loyal follower of my blog! :-)

    Hope you'll have a great week


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